Learn the Secrets of Oil


I'm helping to teach an olive oil course organized by ONAOO, the world's oldest and most distinguished olive oil school, based in Imperia, Italy.  (Lucini Italia, a long-time fan of ONAOO, has booked the room for this event, but there will be no promotion of Lucini products of any kind during the course.)  Some time ago I took a 5-day course at their headquarters, which happens to be just up the pike from where I live.  It was a first-rate experience, and though I already knew a thing or two about olive oil, I learned a lot.

This two-day version of the course will take place in San Francisco on January 17th and 18th, just before Fancy Food, and will be an great way to broaden your olive oil expertise, as well as connect with others in the olive oil industry.  Among other things, you'll have a chance to:

  • learn to assess oil quality with the taste-test protocol recognized by the International Olive Council
  • explore the entire production chain of olive oil, from grove to table
  • taste olive oils from around the world, guided by experts, who'll help you identify positive and negative attributes
  • discuss some common frauds, and how to avoid them
  • hear about current and future trends in the olive oil industry

Attendees will receive an official certificate of completion by ONAOO.

Hope to see you there!


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