Extra Virginity in the Italian Parliament

On Wednesday, January 29th, at 11am, I have the honor of presenting Extra Virginity in the Italian Parliament in Rome, together with a distinguished group of law-makers, law-enforcers and leading journalists.  If you're in town, please come and show your support of great, artisanal extra virgin olive oil (as opposed to the fake stuff)!


Mercoledi 29 gennaio alle ore 11, ho l'onore di presentare Extraverginità nella Camera dei Deputati, assieme ad un gruppo di distinti parlamentari, autorità e giornalisti.  Venite numerosi in sostegno dell'olio d'oliva extravergine, artigianale e di qualità (in contraddistinzione al pseudo-extravergine sempre più comune)!


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Tom, auguri! I hope it all

Tom, auguri! I hope it all goes well and that you give a wake-up call to the law makers. Sorry to miss it but I shall be 260 km away in Tuscany. Stop by and taste our oil (it has won a few prizes over the years) if you are in the area. We are 13 km from the AI between Florence and Arezzo. Saluti cordiali, Keith

Yesterday's New York Times (1

Yesterday's New York Times (1.26.14) had a full page depiction of the flow of unregulated olive oil into Italy and out to the USA and beyond. It was titled "Extra Virgin Suicide" by Nicholas Blechman (NYT Book Review)and sourced from Tom's book.

Reassuring to know that 69% of the olive oil from Italy is doctored. The Italian industry should partner up with Monsanto.

Hi I have seen your extra

Hi I have seen your extra virgin suicide NY Times article. It gives the wrong impression that ALL extra virgin olive oil in Italy is a fake. Although there have been sophistication problems, It doesn't do justice to just throw everything and everyone under the bus… I would have much more appreciated an informative article on extra virgin, and being part of the ONAOO you know what I mean. …. Bummer.

Tom, thank you for promoting

Tom, thank you for promoting the true production chain. As sales rep of authentic 100% locally grown, milled and bottled organic olive oil from Calabria, I can only congratulate you for this initiative. Interesting: you are American, I am German ... and appearantly we LOVE true Italian food. I hope the Italians will, too !

Tom, thank you so much for

Tom, thank you so much for your information! My question: do olives or olive trees used to make olive oil actually get sprayed with pesticides, and is it important for olive oil to be organic, or is that basically marketing?

I'm sorry but it's impossible

I'm sorry but it's impossible to trust italian people on food nor on "made in italy", it's not the problem only for supermarkets but for everything, everywhere! if half the corruption in europe come from italy(60 billions of euros)you can understand everything... the larger fake organic organization, vegetables product in Holland, France or Spain stamped Made in Italy, illegal importation of pesticides... Last but least, have a look to the Milan Expo where they have misunderstood the moto "feed the world" by "feed our politicians". Oil is a drop... in a world of fake, the first in Europe. Dont believe that parliament can and want change anything... the only job where italians are proud is "imbrogliare"... It's enough to read Corriere della Sera ogni giorno...

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