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This is the only place in


This is the only place in town that sells olive oil by taste and stores it in big stainless steel containers. When you choose the kind you like, they put a bottle to the same spigot and fill it up. It is the only place I go for olive oil and balsamic vinegar. They also have full details of the source of the olive oil next to each steel container. The taste is enough to bring you back. The service is great too.

On a trip to West Virginia, I


On a trip to West Virginia, I happened upon The Olive Tree which was my first encounter with a balsamic and evoo taste before you buy store. Loved it and bought several bottles to bring back to Canada. Did some research for a similar type store closer to home and was surprised to find one in Edmonton. Same street as the downtown farmer's market in summer so stopped in when I returned home in September. This store is on my top 5 list of stores I like to go to and frequent often... only slightly behind my favourite clothing and shoe store! I have a very large assortment of their oils and balsamics. Bought a lot before Christmas for gifts but had to go back the day before Christmas because I kept giving it away to others and needed more for all the people I had originally intended to give it to. My favourite combination that I gave away the most was dark chocolate balsamic with blood orange evoo. Rave reviews from everyone. It would be hard to find something you wouldn't like to have in this store. They are very helpful and knowledgeable, which makes it easy to find the best pairings and ideas for your food recipes. Love this place!

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