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Owner Lea Ann Vessels fell in love with olive oil while working several years in Italy, & now sources DOP Italian oils made by families she knows, in Umbria, Campania, Sardinia, Lazio, Puglia and Sicily

Vessels writes:   "Now in 2013 we are still doing alot of the same thing, offering highest quality, terrific extra virgin olive oil from small Italian producers, still educating our customers about olive oil (to the point of telling them even if they do not purchase from us, here is what to look for), we also now make a number of sauces in house and have moved into food and wine service.  Our model is the small mom and pop places in Italy that I adore, that ooze small town charm, delicious but simple and real food, and hospitality that makes you miss your Italian grandmother...even if you aren't Italian!  If you come into our shop you will see photos of our families on the walls during the harvest, it's a mission of ours to connect our customers to our suppliers.  We even have had a number of our Italian suppliers (offer to and) visit our shop and customers."



We found Olivia Bella when


We found Olivia Bella when they first opened in Lexington; we fell in love with the place and became olive oil snobs. We frequented the shop often over the years we lived in Lexington. We have now moved, but fondly remember the wonderful product and the terrific people. We will visit Olivia Bella when we do travel back to Lexington.

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