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The Virgin Olive Oiler opened


The Virgin Olive Oiler opened me up to a whole new culinary world. The shop is wonderful. You can comfortably browse and try anything and everything. I had no idea there were so many wonderful oils that far outpaced what I could purchase in my local grocery store. This place is foodie heaven.

Charles and The Virgin Olive


Charles and The Virgin Olive Oiler have changed my life as well as my eating habits! He introduced me to great olive oil and even better Blueberry Balsamic vinegar! My, oh my, now I can't live without it or maybe I should say that I will live longer because of it! Thank you!!

I absolutely ADORE The Virgin


I absolutely ADORE The Virgin Olive Oiler. Each and every visit has been an absolute pleasure as I consistently learn more and more from the staff, but they don't appear to be pushy. Beyond their customer service, the oils and vinegars are incredible! You can tell that these wonderful, and delightful goodies are all made with intense care and I love the enthusiasm the whole staff has toward the products. I have never had a better olive oil, and I have never had one that cooks so cleanly and coats so evenly!

After wandering into this


After wandering into this store one day, I knew immediately that I would never be buying oils and vinegars from a supermarket ever again. Charles passionately shares his knowledge of his products, including their press date and what region of the world they were harvested in. Not only will you be able to taste of each product before you buy it, but he will gladly help you pair oils and vinegars together to achieve a fabulous combination of flavors. I have a pantry full of his wonderful products that I use daily and I would highly recommend Charles and The Virgin Olive Oiler to anyone that eats.

The amazing thing about the


The amazing thing about the Virgin Olive Oiler is the passion he feels and shares for educating and directing us toward the best O.O. solution for our particular needs. The shop is transfiguring. There is another competitor's shop closer to us but there's no real explanation or education offered there- it's just kitchy- and so this shop is worth the extra drive and effort. I know I'll learn something important each visit and walk away with a product of incomparable quality and value.

We are very fortunate to have


We are very fortunate to have The Virgin Olive Oiler in Fort Worth, TX. The owner and staff share their vast knowledge with the customers, suggesting the perfect combination of virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. They have a wonderful web site with recipes, using the oils and vinegars. They were most helpful in helping me to select and ship my (last minute Christmas) gift to my family in Charleston, who were most pleased with the gift. Visiting the shop is an "outing", as I have taken several family and friends for tastings, always buying a bottle for myself.

At first it's the kind of


At first it's the kind of place you don't notice; with a small store face wedged in between a Barnes and Noble bookstore and an Old Navy clothing store.As such it's not something that immediately catches your eye. In a way though it's the exact thing makes it stand out. The charm that lures you intially is the contrast in size when compared to the large chain stores.

That's when you notice the open glass front wall with the rows of chromed glistening containers that act almost like a beacon that simply draws you in.
Once in you may notice the simplicity of the interior, oak paneled floors, images of italian landscapes on the wall, and a small counter towards the back of the store where you will most likely catch a glimpse of the man that makes up half of the reason I will always go back.

Charles Flach greets you as a friend and guest upon entering, whether or not you're new or have been there a dozen times. His approach is cordial and welcoming much unlike those of salespeople who can often be too aggressive or even dissinterested. If new, he will inquire what brought you in and will provide a brief and informative breakdown of the organization of the shop, the tasting, and the cards directly beneath the containers that in detail describe the olive oil, salts, or vinegars. As a return customer he will, in my experience, recognize you and will be more than happy to talk about how your last purchase went. He welcomes you to try the product and offers complimentary wine or water to cleanse you palate between tastings. If you would like he will stay with you as you try or will leave you to explore on your own. Which brings me to the second half of why I will always go back, the olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

At first the selection can be a bit overwhelming but with my first visit I was guided by Mr. Flach in which order would be best to try. Much like a wine tasting there were certain ones that would be better tasted if tried before others. As for the actual tasting, it was eye opening to the diversity that olive oil and balsamic vinegar had to offer. From Black Current Balsmaic Vinegar to Chipotle infused Olive Oil there is something that will please anybody. If you;re feeling adventurous you might even want to try blending. With my last visit Mr. Flach noticed I was purchasing a Coconut White Balsamic Vinegar and recommended that I pair that with a lime infused olive oil; he personally mixed me small batch and it turned out to be a great pairing.
The price depends on your selection but with each choice there are three sizes offered. So with the small size you need not fear spending too much on a delicious choice and with the largest size being a liter you won't run out any time soon.
From the seemingly demure store front to the man behind the counter and ultimately to the oils and vinegars themselves the Virgin Olive Oiler offers an experience you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Charles has brought a whole


Charles has brought a whole new culinary experience to the foodies of Fort Worth. I had no idea about the different variety of olive oils and the regions they come from all over the world. I do not use any other oil and certainly not anything that doesn't come from The Virgin Olive Oiler.

I was one of the first


I was one of the first customers to walk into The Virgin Olive Oiler. I have been taking my friends in there ever since. I knew nothing about olive oil and even less about cooking. I have learned so much from Charles and about the different oils, vinagars and much more. I love the Tuscan, Garlic and the Blood Orange. He has a wide arrange of gifts for that someone who is a cook or wants to be one. I have purchased many presents from his store and they always are appreciated by friends and family alike. He is conveniently located right across from Hulen Mall at the other end of the strip from Barnes & Noble. Check his store out, you won't be sorry.

I was so glad the girl at Con


I was so glad the girl at Con Olio in Austin suggested The Virgin Olive Oiler to me! With Groupon in hand I finally made it over to the shop and was greeted by a super friendly Charles (owner)who gave me tons of tips for the basalmic and his spices. An added bonus for me were the soaps he makes in house at the store, they are wonderful! Can't wait to go back and pick up different vinegars to try, this time around I took home the biggest bottle of the 18yr; small bottles of the White Vinager Coconut and the Serrano Honey - all DELISH!!! You can sample all you want and take home some extras like pasta,EVOO,spices and soap! One stop shopping - so go take a look!

The Virgin Olive Oiler is an


The Virgin Olive Oiler is an amazing and wonderful place. Charles is passionate, knowledgable and super friendly! Every time I stop in the store, I learn something new and pick up some tidbit of helpful information. (Not to mention, the BEST olive oils and balsamic vinegars in the world!) I recommend this little gem to everyone who will listen to my ravings and often give the oils and vinegars as gifts! Take the time to stop in ..... You will be glad you did!

Excellent. The Virgin Olive


Excellent. The Virgin Olive Oiler now has a new customer! To anyone living in the area...check this place out. The owner Charles was very friendly and knowledgeable. He let me try a few of his favorite combinations and helped me pick an olive oil and two vinegars so that I can make my own salad dressings and marinades at home. The combination of the lemon vinegar and wild mushroom and sage extra virgin olive oil is something that I never would have put together myself and it is FANTASTIC. I can taste the difference and like knowing that I am supporting a local business. When your bottles are empty you can save a couple dollars by bringing them back to use during your next order. Charles gave me some tips and also printed out a recipe to get me started. I will be back for sure!

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